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Ecuador & Galapagos

Sandwiched between Colombia and Peru, Ecuador is – by South American standards – a relatively small country. Small though it may be, its arsenal of attractions is far from meagre. Broadly speaking, the country can be split up into three distinct regions: the Costa (coast), Sierra (Andes) and Oriente (Amazon). Because of its compact size, traveling around Ecuador is a breeze and you can hop between wildlife-filled jungle, culture-packed colonial cities, mountain valleys and sublime beaches in just a few short hours.

For the wildlife-watching experience of a lifetime, travelers can combine a journey of the mainland with a side trip to the world-famous Galápagos Islands. On this volcanic archipelago, slow-moving giant tortoises, eye-catching blue-footed boobies and leathery marine iguanas – as well as all manner of other unusual creatures that exist here and only here – can be seen going about their daily business, seemingly unbothered by the curious humans who come to observe them.

Best time to travel

Coast: December, January April & May Highlands: Year round, but May – November is drier and warmer. Amazon: June-November Galapagos: December- May is the warmest weather in the Galapagos and the water is pleasantly warm. Great for diving and snorkeling as the waters are calmer. June- Novemebr is drier but chillier due to Humboldt currents, you might be able to see more wildlife. In general you are able to see wildlife year round in Galapagos, but if you have a specific interest please contact us so we can help you decide.

Amount of time to spend

8 to 15 days

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